WordPress 2.6 “Press This” Bookmarklet Works Great on iPhone

I’ve become a bit obsessed with blog editors lately. I’m a long time fan of MarsEdit on the Mac, which, all other things being equal, is my favorite way to write a blog post (in fact, I’m using it right now). But I’ve been exploring options for other platforms, where I can’t use MarsEdit (the ScribeFire plugin for Firefox is my second favorite, because it runs everywhere Firefox does, including my little Eee PC 901 that runs Linux).

For the iPhone, there’s the WordPress iPhone app, available for free from the App Store. It’s actually a really great app, and I highly recommend you get it and use it if you have a WordPress-based blog. Even my self-described non-techy wife Rachel loves it, and uses it all the time to post pictures to our family blog. But of course, I can’t help but explore other options.

One of the cool new features in the recent WordPress 2.6 release is the new, revamped “Press This” bookmarklet. It’s a bit of javascript in a bookmark that lets you create a new post, and easily add photos or embed videos from whatever page you were on when you click “Press This”. Since it’s just javascript in a bookmark, it should work in pretty much any browser.

Which is, of course, what led me to try it on my iPhone. I’m happy to report that it works pretty darn well:

WordPress 2.6.x "Press This" Bookmarklet on iPhone

All of the functionality seems to be there – grabbing an image from a web page, or video embed code (which probably won’t work too well in practice, without the ability to copy and paste on the iPhone, although the bookmarklet is supposed to automatically grab the embed code from YouTube pages, and possibly other video sites, too). It seems to be able to do everything the full blown iPhone WordPress app can do, and even a little more (for instance, including a link to a page in your post, which is a pain in the butt without copy/paste, or including images from Flickr or any other web page without saving them to your iPhone’s Photo Album first). At the very least, it’s another option to add to your growing blog editor arsenal (what? you don’t have one of those? I do!).

I might go so far as to say that this is now the most flexible, powerful way to post to a WordPress blog from the iPhone. Yes, even better than the WordPress iPhone app itself.

There’s one small speed bump. I don’t know of a way to add the “Press This” bookmarklet to your iPhone without adding it as a bookmark on your computer first (find it on the “Write a Post” page of your WordPress 2.6.x blog), and they syncing it over to the iPhone via iTunes. Also note that each “Press This” bookmarklet is specific to a single blog – if you have many blogs, you’ll want to create a bookmarklet for each of them, and name them appropriately to avoid confusion.

What other iPhone blog editing hacks do you know of? Share them in the comments, along with any questions, enhancements, or anything else you feel like. 🙂


8 thoughts on “WordPress 2.6 “Press This” Bookmarklet Works Great on iPhone

  1. Joshua Guffey says:

    Hey Josh!
    Thanks for the post! I really enjoyed it.

    I have a thought about a possible work around. What would happen if you were to embed the javascript bookmarklet within a fake url and posted it to your blog. It would look like this: “”. You could then visit your blog on your iPhone, click the link, stop the page loading, and then bookmark that link in your iPhone.

    Of course, this would need to be a private post orangone could post to your blog that uses that link. Oh and you’ll need to edit the bookmarkon the iPhone to remove the extraneous “http://” and other elements of the ‘link’.

    Yes, that was EXTREMELY “geeky”. I’m very ashamed. =)

    Nice meeting you Josh. Oh, and you might wantto check out the ‘IntenseDebate’ WordPress plugin. It creates a much richer commenting experience which encourages additional commenting activity. It also integrates you comments into a standardize profile of comments ehih includes all comments acrossed all “IntenseDebate” enabled blogs. It’s cool. Peace. =)

  2. I like that this works (sort of) too. I actually just emailed myself the ‘Location’ from the bookmark properties in my browser. One thing that I find a little annoying is trying to grab some text and post an excerpt. Using a full browser, Press This grabs whatever you’ve highlighted. On the iPhone it only seems to provide me with a link back to the source page.

  3. Does it still work great for you? It did for me until recently, and although now we have copy-and-paste, it’s not that useful if I can’t edit the link to add the text afterwards. I’m using TinyMCE as the editor and hoping that this is why it’s not working, because I like it otherwise.

    When I grab a link, it’s visible on the edit screen, but not editable at all (keyboard will not load so that text may be entered) unless I go to the HTML screen… but then my quicktags are not there. So I have to mess with it, back and forth, or simply grab the link with the Quick Press gadget as a draft to be edited later. This doesn’t happen, as you might think.

    I was so proud of myself that I had gotten it working before by editing the link, and now I has a sad of insufficient geekery. Meanwhile, it’s easy to blog to WordPress via Flickr,, or Google Reader from the iPhone: why isn’t it easy to grab a link and edit text lightly on WordPress’ own iPhone app?

    I do have an in-house geek (currently out of town) who might be able to look at the Javascript on my bookmarks and figure out why it’s not working, just wondered if anyone else has found the solution already.

    • Honestly, I haven’t tried the Press This method of updating my blog since the WordPress iPhone (and iPad) app came out a long time ago. It works so much better than any web-based updater, especially one like TinyMCE that tries to do fancy stuff that may or may not work on an iPhone.

  4. Well, it used to work, and now it doesn’t – and I actually had it working briefly earlier tonight, but messed up the javascript somehow. TinyMCE worked, too. I was able to get it to blockquote the text. What the he!1 did I do?

    The WordPress for iPhone app does not pick up a link from a page I’m visiting and set up a post with quoted text the way “Press This” did. Hoping there may be a fix with WP 3.0.

  5. I found an easy work around for creating the bookmarklet without the use of a computer:

    1. Bookmark any page in Safari and use it as a place holder for the Press This bookmarklet. Save it.

    2. Go back into the bookmarks adminstration and paste the copied JavaScript into the place holder. Rename the title to Press This [Your Blog]. Save it.

    3. Done!

  6. Adding bookmarklets to iPhone is a real pain at the moment. I used Textexpander to create a new snippet on my mac and then synced that to my iphone. Then I had to edit a bookmark and copy in the javascript manually.

    I think bookmarklets have the potential to expand mobile browsing a lot but apple really needs to make it easier to add them to safari on the iPhone.

    I don’t get those text, photo, quote, video options on my iphone. Is that a plugin you have on your wordpress blog?


  7. Found a pretty cool tool via google that lets you do it from the device itself. 

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