Experiment: “Linkblog” Posts Denoted By ☍

Since starting to post my “link with some commentary” posts here on my blog, I wanted to have some way to denote the “linkblog” posts. I’ve always like how John Gruber does it over at Daring Fireball: a ★ character denotes a “link with commentary” post, to differentiate it from a “long form” blog post, original writing, etc.

Shameless enough to copy his idea, but too ashamed to copy the exact symbol, I’m going to try the following. My “linkblog” posts will be denoted by a ☍ character in the title. I think it looks sort of like a link. It’s a Unicode character (named “Opposition” – ooh, mysterious!), so it might not display properly in some places. But I think it will mostly be OK.

If it goes awry, I’ll find another character, or just bag the idea completely. But this is the explanation for the weird little ☍ characters you’re going to start seeing here from time to time (like this one and this one). Let me know what you think! 🙂