Flickr Now Lets You Embed Slideshows

Just noticed (via a blog post from Frasier Spiers, the guy who wrote the awesome Flickr Export for iPhoto and Aperture) that Flickr now apparently lets you embed slideshows in your blog/other places. Is this new? Frasier says it is, but others on Twitter are telling me it’s been there for months. I don’t recall it being there before, and I’ve never seen one used before today. But maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, and this is old news. Anyway. (Update: Apparently this feature is about two months old, according to the Flickr Blog, but I couldn’t easily find anything about it in my searches, so it obviously needs more attention. 😉 )

For demo’s sake, here’s a slideshow of my set of photos from the PC Mall in Shanghai, China:

This seems to work anywhere you can view a slideshow on Flickr – any set, any photostream, etc. (Hint: when in doubt, try adding “/show” to the end of the Flickr URL.) Look for the “Share” link in the upper right corner of the slideshow. You can customize the embed code, with different preset sizes (small – 400×300, medium – 500×375, large – 700×525, and super-sized – 800×600), or enter a custom size.

The slideshow itself appears in Flash, which means it won’t work on the iPhone (bummer!) or any other browser/device that doesn’t support Flash. The embedded slideshow has all the same controls as a normal Flickr slideshow – previous, next, jumping to a specific photo, etc. Oh, and they’re supported inline in Google Reader (like YouTube and a few – but not all – other embedded content types):


I can see myself using this feature a LOT. Quite often, when I have some photos to share, I’ll do a post with one or two representative photos, and just a plain text link that says something like “check out the rest of these photos in this set on Flickr”. Now, I’ll be able to embed the whole set of photos right in the post. That makes me happy. 🙂