Josh’s Lifelog for 2008-10-16

  • @billpearson is going over the “manager feedback” he got from our team in staff. Very positive discussion, and incredible transparency. Yay! #
  • @wajiii http://twitter.com/billpearson definitely exists. He’s a long time Twitterer. Twitter must be having a hiccup or something. #
  • Today is a writing day. I’m cracking down, going to work/hide from an undisclosed location. #
  • @dslanius @billpearson Ha! I’m meeting with @jmoriarty before I take off for said undisclosed location. 🙂 #
  • @lightingdiva Sure! I closed Outlook, so I don’t know what my calendar looks like, but if you can find a spot, I’d love to meet. 🙂 #