☍ Trapster – Let Your iPhone Show You Nearby Speed Traps and Cameras

Mobile Speed Trap App, Trapster, Now Available For iPhone – ReadWriteWeb

Very clever free app that relies on lots of people using it (you can use it via the web, and some other GPS and mobile devices – it’s not iPhone-only) to report when they see a speed or red light camera, or a police speed trap, or place where they hide. Has all the usual iPhone features (gets your location on the map automatically via GPS, etc.). It can alert you if you pass within a user-defined distance of any reported traps. The data was kind of stale in my area (only 4 items shown, two of which are static red light cameras), but it’s a very cool idea, and the app is executed well. Sarah Perez says in the RWW article linked above that the “live” reports go stale and drop off of the map after a couple of hours, which is a nice way to know that the reports you’re seeing are recent and accurate.

One thing that annoyed me: when I try to drag the map with my finger, like in Google Maps, it doesn’t drag, but instead thinks I want to drop a pushpin to report a speed trap/camera.

As to the legality of the app? Interesting question. I think it’s legal. Speeding, or otherwise violating the law, of course, is illegal, and I’m not encouraging it. But if you want to know what’s going on around you, traffic-enforcement wise, this is a slick way to do it.


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