Why do I have such a hard time writing consistently?

It’s been days since I’ve posted here. I’ve been sick, which is partially to blame, but not completely. I have a ton of stuff starred in Google Reader and elsewhere that I’ve wanted to write about – even just quick “Linky” posts. But it feels like there’s the gravitational field pulling me away whenever I start to think about writing something. Email to read, work to do, feeds to catch up on. Maybe I’m just having a slump. This blog isn’t dead or dying – never will, if I have anything to say about it. But maybe Paul Boutin is on to something – my activity on places like Twitter, FriendFeed, etc. have definitely had an impact. His point is that if you blog for the fame, recognition, link love, and money, it’s getting harder and harder to be “successful”. But I never have written for those reasons. This is a place for me to write my thoughts, and I don’t care a whole lot about who reads them. I mean, I love traffic, links, and feed subscribers, but for me, I love them because they represent people I interact with. People who are part of my network, my community. My friends. That’s the payoff for me. If I cared about ad revenue or page rank or how many hits/subscribers I had, I would have given up a long time ago.

So, I’m sure my muse will come back soon. Where are you, muse? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Why do I have such a hard time writing consistently?

  1. I hear ya Josh, and you’re not alone. I really don’t think Paul Boutin is right at all though. I think that the blogosphere is alive and healthy, but the pattern and uses of blogs has changed somewhat.

    I see a lot of the people I’ve followed for some time to be growing in their writing. It may be less often, but the posts are more thought through more, cover more ground and give a better insight into the writer and their perspectives.

    I too have been having issues maintaining a steady posting rhythm, but even after cutting back on Twitter and such, I still do not post regularly. I think it’s a transitional period and that I’ll eventually adjust.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, I check in from time to time to learn new things.

  2. Good post. I did a google search for “writing consistently” and yours was one of the top hits. As a writer, I feel so distracted by all of the opportunities around me (us), and I feel like I just need to choose my channels and bid farewell to the others. I have three kids, ages 4 to 12, so it’s a full-time gig just doing what I can to help them pursue their own energies. For me, I need to be a little more selfish and carve out that time to spend with my muse…

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