Michael Crichton Died of What?

Michael Crichton Died of What?

Oh, those wacky Wikipedians. For a brief time this morning, when I first heard that Michael Crichton had died of cancer, his Wikipedia entry stated that he’d died "after a long, private battle with a velociraptor."

Somehow, I think he would appreciate the joke. The Wikipedia page has since been edited to remove the reference.

I loved the way he wrote about science. It wasn’t always science fiction, per se, but even when he was writing about corporate politics in Airframe, he just had a way of tickling both the literary and scientific parts of my mind. Too bad he won’t give us any more books.

Update: Hey, the New York Times linked to this post!

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I know it’s just something Blogrunner automatically picked up, but it still feels pretty cool. The AP, CBS News, IMDB, the LA Times, and ๐Ÿ™‚ on Blogrunner/NYTimes


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