Josh’s Lifelog for 2008-12-11

  • @pdxjdangel Rock Band 2 band kit isn’t out until 12/30 :-( in reply to pdxjdangel #
  • My next tweet is going to be something kind of important to me, albeit corny and cheesy… #
  • Thank you all for listening to me x10000. You mean a lot more to me than you’d believe. You’re my friends, and I’m grateful for you all. :-) #
  • Thanks to all for the kind 10K words. I AM just a sappy, orange-Croc-wearing goofus. But I love you guys! :-) #
  • Got a new toy I’m playing with as we speak: a Flip Mino HD. REALLY impressive so far. I love that iMovie likes the videos. More to come… #
  • The Flip Mino HD is a winner so far. No special software needed, quality is great. Even their FlipShare software isn’t terrible. #
  • @rachelbancroft I bet you’ve changed more diapers than I have tweeted tweets. Not gonna challenge you there. Nuh uh! :-) in reply to rachelbancroft #
  • @masonwest So far, the videos off of the Mino HD are a little over 1 MB per second. in reply to masonwest #
  • @verso Haven’t compared video quality to the Apitek yet. But on size/feel/build quality, the Flip blows the Apitek away. :-) in reply to verso #
  • The backlight on the screen of our Aiptek Action HD went out, which is what prompted the acquisition of the Flip Mino HD. #
  • @brucesharpe Going to compare the sound on the Mino HD/Aiptek. So far, the mic seems strangely directional, biased to the person holding it. in reply to brucesharpe #
  • @brucesharpe FWIW, the audio from a Mino HD video shows as AAC, Mono, 44.100 KHz. Video is AVC, 1280×720. Surprised it’s not H.264. in reply to brucesharpe #
  • RT @projct: AVC is MPEG4 AVC, aka H.264 (thanks for correcting me, Michael! :-) #
  • @WhiplashDesign I have not tried Twitterlator, but if I had to guess/bet, my money would be on Tweetie. :-) in reply to WhiplashDesign #
  • @marusin That’s another think I like about the Mino HD – it sits flush and looks right at home plugged into my MBP USB port, too. :-) in reply to marusin #
  • @jltitus Try adding a sort object to your Pipe. They don’t automatically get sorted chronologically. in reply to jltitus #
  • Waitaminute. IGN got their hands on Rock Band 2 for Wii (final), and they say that GH:WT instruments DO work!? http://tinyurl.com/5elmpo #
  • Happy that now I can a) get GH:WT now, and pick up RB2 disc only when it comes out, and b) be able to play both with the same instruments. #
  • @sumwan You’re right. EVERYONE needs a pink plastic fake guitar. :-) in reply to sumwan #
  • @treowth I’ll get right on developing that app for you. Or were you asking if I knew of such an app? 😉 in reply to treowth #
  • @matt says that WordPress 2.7 is live. W00t! :-) http://ma.tt in reply to matt #