Josh’s Lifelog for 2008-12-22

  • @erikseligman Sure, no one expects insight and wisdom, but I try not to be “that guy”. I’m a nice guy with occasional mood swings. 🙂 in reply to erikseligman #
  • RT: A Twitterer was on the Continental jet in accident at DIA. Amazing Tweets: http://bit.ly/Bmrv (via @LenEdgerly) in reply to LenEdgerly #
  • RT: Hacking the surveillance society (HS students sending speeding tix to their enemies): http://snurl.com/8yqf4 (via @timoreilly) in reply to timoreilly #
  • @sumwan CamStudio gives you basically raw uncompressed AVI video files, which need some processing. Handbrake would turn ’em into H.264. in reply to sumwan #
  • @sumwan It’s like recording to uncompressed WAV files for audio. Need to compress/finish the result. Camtasia does that, but isn’t free. in reply to sumwan #
  • The snow is back in Aloha! A nice crust of ice on top of what fell yesterday, now it’s snowing hard again. #pdxtst #
  • I finally got out and took a few photos with my “big boy” camera (D40), and posted them to this set on Flickr: http://tinyurl.com/7b2462 #
  • This pic shows how much has accumulated on the yard debris can in our yard. Haven’t measured, but looks like 6-8″ http://tinyurl.com/7zkvrp #
  • @gregjsmith This much snow is VERY un-normal for Portland. We usually get a couple of inches once a year. 6-12″ for a week = Snowpocalypse. in reply to gregjsmith #