New “Restore Session” UI Feature in Firefox 3.1 beta 2

Firefox 3.1 beta 2 (Mac) just crashed on me (well, it went unresponsive, and I Force Quit it), and I noticed when it came back that there’s a new “restore session” interface. Instead of just asking you “Start a New Session” or “Restore Previous Session”, you get to choose which tabs you want to restore.

Restore Session - Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 2

This is super handy if you had a bunch of tabs open that you want to restore, but you suspect that one of them is what caused Firefox to crash in the first place. You can deselect the suspect tab, and still recover the rest of your open tabs. It’s no longer all or nothing.

Neato. 🙂


2 thoughts on “New “Restore Session” UI Feature in Firefox 3.1 beta 2

  1. Chris says:

    I love that! I hate it when I lose all my other tabs because one (usually IE Tab) miscreant. I know if I reload that set it will just crash again. I have wished so many times I could reload all my tabs except that one.

  2. Very cool. I’ve been known to crash a browser or two in my day. This will help avoid what occasionally happens now, where I restart the browser, tell it to restore, then go on a frantic clicking effort to find and close the (suspected) misbehaving tab before it loads far enough to crash again. Sure, it’ll take some of the adventure out of my day… but I suppose it’s worth it.

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