Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-01-20

  • Busy morning. Meetings, but good ones. I’m excited to get some good stuff done this week. And it’s my and @rachelbancroft’s 8th anniversary! #
  • w00p! The UStream video stream iPhone viewing app is in the app store! Go get it! 🙂 http://twitpic.com/14xcr #
  • Video streams work in the UStream iPhone app, including live ones, but some don’t seem to have sound? http://twitpic.com/14xey #
  • Oh, wait. @chrispirillo does have sound. It’s just faint. Nice that the app warns you when dropping frames: http://twitpic.com/14xgn #
  • UStream just set the bar for video streaming viewer apps on iPhone. They’re first. Who’s next? Mogulus? Qik? Kyte? #