Rebooting my Blogging

I’ve hit another one of those blocks. Before the end of 2008, I had grand visions of taking time off at the end of the year, having time to think, and write, and get some of the ideas that have been squirming around inside my head out and into words. But then the Snowpocalypse happened, and instead of nice, relaxing time off, we were all cooped up in our house for two weeks, getting on each other’s nerves. When the snow melted, we headed off to visit family in southern Oregon, which was fun, but busy, and full of activities. I’m not complaining, or trying to make you think I didn’t enjoy my vacation – who doesn’t enjoy a 3 day Guitar Hero World Tour binge and Nerf gun modding with the nieces and nephews? 🙂

But i didn’t get the writing done that I wanted to. In fact, as you can see, it’s been weeks since I’ve posted anything substantial here.

So I’m going to try to “reboot” my blogging here, and just write, write, write. I’m going to try to avoid the distractions of throwing thoughtlings out on Twitter, sinking into reading feeds and forums, etc. It feels really weird to think that I’m actually procrastinating something that I really enjoy, that no one is forcing me to do. 🙂