Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-03-03

  • Back in the office for the first time in days. Email backlog not as bad as I’d feared. I haven’t touched a computer since Wednesday. #
  • OK, so Gmail isn’t down. I can access it (web and IMAP) on my phone. So I think I’m suffering one of those “work proxy hates Gmail SSL” bits #
  • @pdxjdangel Yes, I was the one. On the Wii, GH:WT is the most compatible option. Instruments work with all GH games, and RB2 (not RB1, tho). #
  • So, Gmail Contacts and GCal now sync to the iPhone via Exchange ActiveSync. Anyone tried syncing a desktop client that way? Say, Outlook? #
  • @gregjsmith Yeah, I was thinking that since Contacts and GCal now speak Exchange (sort of), it might be a better sync option than before. in reply to gregjsmith #
  • @gregjsmith But how many calendars? Gcal sync to Outlook only supports one, right? Not that I want to use Outlook. Just wondering aloud. 🙂 in reply to gregjsmith #
  • Uh oh. I think Gmail just went down again… I’m getting a 400 error from mail.google.com. #
  • @Mettadore You require 100% uptime from your mail host? Gmail has actually been (anecdotally) more reliable for me than Exchange at work… in reply to Mettadore #
  • @Mettadore You could keep Gmail synced with an offline client via IMAP. Or am I missing something? in reply to Mettadore #
  • @Mettadore Sounds like Hotmail to me. 😉 in reply to Mettadore #