Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-03-13

  • @steverubel I’ve had an active GrandCentral account (my main number) for years, still (im)patiently waiting to be upgraded Google Voice. ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to steverubel #
  • RT @googlevoice Upgrades are going out to all existing GC users as we speak. Existing GC accounts should be able to upgrade shortly. #
  • Downloading iTunes 8.1 and the Front Row update via Software Update. The new iTunes DJ/iPhone Remote functionality sounds fun. #
  • RT @googlevoice Check out the Google Voice preview mobile site, which should look spiffy on your iPhone: http://google.com/voice/m (SWEET!) #
  • @gregoryleff Yes, Google bought GC ages ago, and is now relaunching it as Google Voice. Adding txt msgs, vmail transcription. I can’t wait! in reply to gregoryleff #
  • Well, at least my GC account now tells me “Your account is not yet ready to be upgraded. Please check back shortly.” Refresh refresh refresh #
  • Google Voice is on twitter (@googlevoice) and now has their very own blog: http://googlevoiceblog.blogspot.com/ Subscribed! #
  • Finally! GrandCentral to Google Voice upgrade came through. Doing it now… #
  • @Jmartens Yeah, I’ll blog/tweet. Setting up my voicemail greeting/etc. now. The mobile version of GVoice (google.com/voice/m) is v nice. in reply to Jmartens #
  • Google Voice appears to integrate with your Gmail contacts (at least, it did for me). Handy, because it syncs with my iPhone. Nice. #
  • Just showed off/played with Google Voice with @sourcecode and @psteinb. It’s awesome. I love it. Lifechanging. Thanks, Google! ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Trying to set up Twitter to use my GVoice SMS number now. Doesn’t seem to work. Anyone got this working? Is Twitter just being slow? #
  • Uh oh. “This message was not successfully delivered.” Looks like Google Voice can’t sent SMS to Twitter’s 40404 shortcode. Bummer. ๐Ÿ™ #
  • @leahcdaniels It’s not part of the Google iPhone app, but I would LOVE it if they integrated it, or came out with a separate Voice app. in reply to leahcdaniels #
  • @buckmasterflash Spam filter. Call recording. VMail transcription. Don’t have to give out a new number if you change your cell. Free calls. in reply to buckmasterflash #
  • GOOG-411 integration in GVoice doesn’t seem to be working yet. I call (my own GV #), press 3 for GOOG-411, get kicked back to top level. #
  • @harrisja Yup, Google Voice integrates with your Gmail contacts, which is AWESOME for me, since I recently made it my master Contacts list. in reply to harrisja #
  • Anyone else think Apple might intro a netbook at their iPhone OS 3.0 preview event? OS 2.0 heralded new hardware – the iPhone 3G… #
  • Think about it. An Apple netbook would require lead time for developers, just like the iPhone. They pre-announced that by 6 months. #
  • @aaroneiche The event is about the iPhone OS, and there will be lots of iPhone news. But it’s perfect to intro new HW running iPhone OS… in reply to aaroneiche #
  • @timoreilly I’m sorry, what? Amazon doesn’t prevent you from reading non-Amazon books on Kindle. They encourage it. I do it all the time. in reply to timoreilly #
  • @timoreilly That app was spoofing Mobi DRM to work on the Kindle. If anything, the other DRM-monger stores should be the ones that got mad. in reply to timoreilly #
  • But what do I know. I’m staying out of DRM debates from now on. #