Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-04-04

  • Lame that I have to “tweet to complete”, but I just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: #pdx #ignite #intel #
  • There are no meat people at my house (@rachelbancroft and the kids are at her mom’s). My work monitor is bigger than home. I’ll stay a while #
  • However, my house DOES have my big new TV, PS3, and Guitar Hero. Decisions, decisions… #
  • @MCP85 No way, man. The chairs at work are WAY better than the ones at home. JF1 WorkPlace Of The Future FTW! 🙂 in reply to MCP85 #
  • But home suffers from a dire lack of cake. Or cookies. Or cupcakes. I may have to remedy that at an outpost on my way. #
  • ZOMG TV Breaking News – 10 monkeys escaped from the OHSU Primate Research Center on SW 185th in Beaverton. Lock your doors and stay inside! #
  • And since they’re medical research monkeys, they almost certainly have mutant superpowers. Your puny door locks are no match for them. #
  • @motherpopper Authorities are unsure whether the monkeys are infected with rage. They are, however, likely carriers of anarchy and hijinks. in reply to motherpopper #
  • So, what’s the update on the monkey sitch? I’m about to go to bed. Do I need to sleep with a crowbar or banana or something under my pillow? #
  • @turoczy You don’t understand. I live a couple miles from the monkey escape. And I’m home all alone. And I’m terrified of monkeys. Hold me. in reply to turoczy #
  • @turoczy yeah, I figured they’d hit up REI in Tanasbourne for gear, if they’re serious about this escape thing. They’ll need to blend in. in reply to turoczy #
  • @turoczy Just to be safe, I’m not leaving the house until Monday. Hey, you think the monkeys would bring me some Krispy Kremes? in reply to turoczy #