Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-04-07

  • Hmm. My initial reaction to the new FriendFeed was “Gah! My eyes!” But I think it’s growing on me. http://ff.im/1X7XJ #
  • My computer just made a reminder-like noise at me that I’ve never heard before, and I have no idea what app it came from… #
  • Hey Twitter – do me a favor? Tell me if you can read this direct message on the new FriendFeed: http://tinyurl.com/dkx2yd #
  • @blath @Kent_Giard Thanks! Andru and I were trying to test whether the new Direct Messages on FriendFeed are private. Looks like they are! in reply to blath #
  • No https:// SSL access to the new FriendFeed beta. I guess that’s to be expected. Hope it comes when it leaves beta. http://ff.im/1Xbu5 #
  • @LeStew Do you mean Clear/Clearwire (the WiMAX provider)? They sell the “Clear Spot”, from Cradlepoint, the only router I know of that works in reply to LeStew #
  • @LeStew Do you mean the little mobile Motorola USB WiMAX modem, plugged straight into the router? in reply to LeStew #
  • @LeStew Which Clear modem on this page are we talking about? The big one, or the little one? The big one should work with any router. in reply to LeStew #
  • @LeStew Oops. This was the page I was referring to: http://bit.ly/m6trW in reply to LeStew #
  • @LeStew Ah, OK. I was thinking of the little USB/mobile one. Carry on! 🙂 in reply to LeStew #
  • RT @rachelbancroft: Just brought four cute baby chicks home. And so our attempt at Urban chicken raising begins. #