Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-05-14

  • Just cleaned off my desk. There were WAY too many empty gadget boxes. And where did all those dust bunnies come from? #
  • This Twitter @reply drama is getting ridiculous. It totally breaks the cool, useful “view threaded conversation” feature in @Tweetie. 🙁 #
  • Dear @Twitter: Just put the stupid @replies system back the way it was. If it won’t scale, fix it. #openreplies #fixreplies #ridiculous #
  • @pdxjdangel I don’t know what a “legal CLE” is, but I’ve done “social media 101”-type presentations all over the place. It’s probably me. 🙂 in reply to pdxjdangel #
  • RT @chockenberry: More about #replygroups here: http://bit.ly/IUg2v (interesting possibility opened by #bustedreplies) #
  • Hey, Twitter! What’s the consensus on the best Twitter app for BlackBerry? I need to hook a friend up. #
  • Hi, Twitter of an hour ago. Up here in the future, things are pretty good. Hang in there. If they get you patched up, you can join us here. #
  • I think @davewiner is on to something re: #bustedreplies: Celeb n00bs getting deluged with @replies. Stresses Twitter with 1M+ followers. #