Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-07-11

  • @mike_strock Tillamook’s a little over 1hr from Portland. TOTALLY worth it. Portland-Cannon Beach-Tillamook is GORGEOUS. Best. Drive. Ever. in reply to mike_strock #
  • @tersteeg @billpearson and I performing hard drive surgery on our MacBook Pros today. Computer guts! Aah! πŸ™‚ http://twitpic.com/9wdxu #
  • Elbow deep in the guts of my Mac: http://twitpic.com/9wlli #
  • MacBook Pro hard-drive-ectomy complete, now restoring from Time Machine. #
  • @lunarobverse It’s a Seagate 500GB 7200RPM, too. Looking forward to a speed bump and LOTS more storage. πŸ™‚ in reply to lunarobverse #
  • @lunarobverse My battery life is crap already, so I’m not too worried about the hit from 7200rpm. Bootup is noticeably faster! πŸ™‚ #
  • 1 hour 45 minutes after we took out the first screw, I’m back up and running with everything restored to my new 500GB drive. FW800 FTW! πŸ™‚ #
  • Just had some “Dirty Potato Chips”, Salt and Pepper flavor. Not bad. Saw them on Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe compelled me to buy them. πŸ™‚ #
  • Almost 2 minutes of backyard chicken video action, fresh off my iPhone 3GS: http://bit.ly/SdQig
    You’re welcome! πŸ™‚ #
  • More of The Chicken Ladies, as I call them: http://twitpic.com/9yql4 (backyard Buff Orpington chicken action! πŸ™‚ #
  • @ejacqui Lawn mowing hacks, just for you: http://bit.ly/k3M1c πŸ˜‰ #
  • Aw, man. @gabebancroft won’t keep his shoes on, and now he has chicken poop all over his foot… ??????? #
  • @jezlyn The chickens are pets, and for eggs. @rachelbancroft has wanted some forever, and urban chickens are all the rage… πŸ™‚ in reply to jezlyn #