Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-07-24

  • There’s some bike race on the TV at work. People are all crowded around it. Weird. #
  • Augmented reality cometh: Pocket Universe astronomy app for iPhone adds compass support – just point at the sky to identify stuff. Sweet! #
  • If you ever wonder what iPhone apps I recommend wholeheartedly, check out my IUseThis profile: http://bit.ly/joshapps #
  • .@jskit I just reserved my spot to be amongst the first to get #ECHO! http://bit.ly/echoinvite #
  • I feel dirty for having to allow a service to post something to my tweet stream, but I really want to play with js-kit ECHO… 🙁 #
  • RT @IgnitePortland: Now’s the time to submit that awesome talk idea in your head. IP7 isn’t *that* far off! http://bit.ly/ip7ideas #
  • Dear LazyTwitter: How exactly does the tiny accelerometer in the iPhone, Wii, etc. work? Piezo? MEMS? #
  • Google Latitude for iPhone is out: http://google.com/latitude Here’s a screenshot: http://twitpic.com/bdjrj #
  • Interesting that Google Latitiude for iPhone runs in the browser, and brings most Google Maps functions (traffic, directions, etc.) with it. #
  • The URL for Latitiude on the iPhone is http://bit.ly/MyMWC
    Gmaps in Safari now? Used to always launch the Maps app. #
  • If you go to the Latitude URL in a desktop browser, it works just fine. Firefox 3.5 uses location. Nice alternative to the iGoogle gadget. #
  • Google Maps now works in Mobile Safari (google.com/maps/m). Location, Search (which isn’t present in Latitude), it’s all there. Cool! #
  • Oops. I was wrong. Search is present in Latitude, under Menu. Directions aren’t as slick as the native Maps app, but definitely workable. #
  • I just added a bunch of you as friends on Google Latitude. I promise I won’t stalk you. Much. (I’m jabancroft@gmail if you want to add me.) #
  • Hey. We’ve been friends for a while. I need your help to decide what to do with my blog. What do you think? http://bit.ly/1sfhzP #
  • @renegadeotv @blath @shadowbottle Thanks! I got the message. 🙂 Twitter shows me all mentions of my @username, regardless of if I follow. #