Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-08-03

  • Wish I could have made iPhoneDevcamp thisyear. Can’t wait for all the awesome apps to arrive in the app store! #
  • Oh, @Tweetie, I’m back. Yes, that BirdFeed chick has some pretty features, but I missed your best qualities. Forgive me? Love, Josh. ? #
  • That said, I’d love you even more, @Tweetie, if you showed new item count for mentions/DMs in the tab bar and threaded DMs like BirdFeed… #
  • @chartier Amen. People can’t multitask, we switch. Functionally, the iPhone 3GS “multitasks” fine. in reply to chartier #
  • In many debates, I’ve yet to find one person who can tell me a real world benefit multitasking gives that the iPhone can’t also deliver. #
  • Remember the Windows Mobile days, when there was no easy way to actually quit an app? #
  • In WinMo, multitasking was the default. It murdered battery life and performance so badly we used 3rd party apps to *really* quit programs. #
  • I certainly don’t miss futzing around with the list of running processes to keep battery life and performance at their best. #
  • @segphault @aaroneiche But what’s the experience difference between push notifications and maintaining an IRC/AIM connection? Seems the same #
  • @segphault But what *tangible* benefit does multitasking on Android give over push notifications on an iPhone 3GS? in reply to segphault #