Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-08-04

  • Headed to New Orleans via DFW for SIGGRAPH09. Long day on airplanes… – http://bkite.com/0akHt (from Portland Airport) #
  • @aaroneiche But, if quitting/starting an app was as fast as switching (it is on the 3GS), and preserves state, is it not the same? in reply to aaroneiche #
  • Oops! 🙂 RT @rachelbancroft: First air-headed move of the day: left front door WIDE open while we took @jabancroft to airport. #
  • Connecting in Dallas on the way to New Orleans. This pizza from Uno Due Go is quite good! – Photo: http://bkite.com/0algL (from Dallas/F…) #
  • Landed in New Orleans. And yes, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity… 🙂 – http://bkite.com/0aly3 (from City of Louis Armstrong New O…) #
  • Off to try to find some food, then to bed for early morning @isntv setup at SIGGRAPH. #