Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-08-30

  • Amazing how difficult the little things are when you only have the effective e use of one arm. Takes some getting used to. #
  • 1min 22s of Gabe Laughing Hysterically http://post.ly/3Kse #
  • Anyone know what time the Thunderbirds are flying today? We’re at a nearby park to watch. #oregonairshow #
  • @chrispirillo Cool! Even though I live nearby, I’ve never been to see the Spruce Goose. And the Oregon Airshow has the Thunderbirds tmrw! in reply to chrispirillo #
  • Attention! Attention! I bought new shoes tonight. They are *not* Crocs. That’s all I’m at liberty to say right now. End transmission. #
  • @camikaos I feel like I should still wear the Crocs just for you next week. That’d be OK, right? 😉 in reply to camikaos #