Playing Around with Google Wave on the iPhone

Got my invite tonight, and had my first real Google Wave, um… Wave? Conversation? Mind meld? What *will* we call these? Anyway, Frederic Lardinois and I were messing around with it on the desktop, then switched to trying out the mobile version on iPhones.

There’s a warning that your browser isn’t supported, but you can “try it at your own peril”. The mobile version renders fine. I could see Frederic typing in real time, exactly the same as the desktop browser (I held them side by side). And I could only see the Google Map after he was done with it (not in real time).

It has some quirks. Typing doesn’t appear instantly to other participants (and I had some trouble getting it to le me type at all at first). The popup menu to reply, edit, etc. appears way at the top of the page, so you have to scroll all the way up to it, then back down to where you were. You can definitely tell why they’re not officially supporting it yet, but the potential is obvious, and it’s clear that modern mobile browsers like Mobile Safari and Android’s version of Chrome were part of the plan from the beginning.

This isn’t meant to be any kind of formal review, just some impressions after my first 20 minutes playing with Wave. There’s *SO* much here I need to learn – robots, gadgets, plugins, keyboard shortcuts, etc. Bit I’m stoked to have such a rich, exciting new technology to to wrap my head around. 🙂

Oh, and I don’t have the magical ability to grant you an invite to get in. Sorry! From what I understand, invites shoul be going out soon, so hang in there.

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  1. Hey Josh, What's your take? How will it compare with other collaboration software and how will they charge for it (e.g. fee or making you watch advertising?)

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