Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-31

  • Roof leak: It's baaaack! :-( #anxiety #stress #homeownershipsucks #
  • Watching @gabebancroft while @rachelbancroft is at an appointment. It's a battle of the wills. I'm not sure who's winning. :-) #
  • Ignite planning meeting! :-) (@ E-San Thai Cuisine in Portland) http://bit.ly/a8FO9 #
  • RT @ChrisLeckness: “Rock Band for iPhone 30% off this weekend! Only $6.99!” -@clintonfitch #
  • Anyone know of a good solution for viewing one's Google Analytics reports from an iPhone? An app? Mobile site? #
  • @jaacob @KevinCTofel Thanks. AnalyticsApp looks good, but the current version can't log in, and it's $6. I may try that one once fixed. #
  • Can I just say that I *love* having my iPhone docked to my car stereo? Waze, Pandora, NPR, Emer. Radio. It's the *perfect* car computer. #
  • A Rock Band evening, and this is how I cap it off: :-) http://twitpic.com/nn7g2 #

Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-30

  • I will never be able to sleep after reading a new @doctorow novel. Head buzzing with a thousand awesome ideas. Curse you, Cory! :-) *yawn* #
  • Make an iPhone/iPod Dock out of a DV Tape Case http://post.ly/ArQh #
  • I stayed up until after 1AM reading @doctorow's new book, Makers, last night. So many *awesome* ideas! My brain is buzzing with them. :-) #
  • Awesome! DARPA's Networking Challenge: 1st to find 8 red ballons, around the US, wins $40K. More at http://bit.ly/darpanc and @DARPA_News #
  • Did I misspell "balloons" in my last tweet? I did, didn't I. Whoops. #
  • RT @ravenme: Want to be haunted by random Holloween sounds on your iPhone, even when off? Get free BuzzHaunted: http://0009.org/bzzt/haunted #
  • Just got a sound from the Bzzt Haunted iPhone app, and it was scary. If only I could install this on others' phones without their knowledge! #
  • @jezlyn I'll be the first to admit that I'm kind of wussy, but at least it *tried* to be scary. No corny cheesy kiddie Halloween sounds. :-) in reply to jezlyn #
  • @jezlyn I just now got my second sound, after about 1.5 hours installed. And it was more corny than scary. :-) *bzzthaunted in reply to jezlyn #
  • @jezlyn and apparently they same sound to everyone at the same time. :-) #bzzthaunted in reply to jezlyn #
  • Help us settle a dinner table debate: is the opposite of "scarf": "nibble" or "barf"! :-) #
  • http://bestc.am/LhiSE Mmm. Caramel Apples… #
  • My take: scarf = gobble down food quickly. Barf = make food go the other direction quickly. Ergo, they're opposites. Q.E.D. :-) #

Make an iPhone/iPod Dock out of a DV Tape Case

Hat tip to @verso on Twitter last night for pointing me to this idea (I’ll find the link and post it – want to give proper credit Here’s the original post I saw on iPhone Saviour).

It works great. Sits at a perfect angle. You’d have to cut out a little half circle to access the home button, and Matt and I were trying to figure out how to rig a dock cable, but that makes it a lot more complex.

If you have some DV tapes laying around, give it a try! :-)

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Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-29

  • Well crap. My car is dying. Suspect the alternator. Morning plans all thrown into chaos as I try to get it into the shop. :-( #
  • I just tried for an hour and ten minutes to get my dang Windows VM to get to a state where it would VPN to work. I gave up. :-) #
  • RT @laughingsquid: "Makers", the latest novel by @doctorow, has just been released http://bit.ly/3EdUIe #
  • Anyone have a charger for the original Jawbone BT headset they'd be willing to part with? I've lost mine. :-( #
  • @macfixer I think I have a spare right Jawbone earloop. Let's talk. :-) in reply to macfixer #
  • Teaching @psteinb how to use Delicious to do a Linkblog for his academic community page. #
  • My car needs a new alternator. That's $400 I would have rather not had to spend. *cry* #
  • TinyPodcast: Makers, by Cory Doctorow http://post.ly/Al51 #
  • @verso OMG I've got DV tape cases coming out of my ears! I'm totally making that iPhone stand. I'll give you one next time I see you. :-) in reply to verso #
  • FYI, the new WordPress 2 iPhone app is a new app, and *won't* show up as an update if you have the original installed. Still free though. #
  • The new WordPress 2 iPhone app is a *vast* improvement over the earlier one, especially for moderating comments. Get it if you run WordPress #

TinyPodcast: Makers, by Cory Doctorow

I’m going to try these on a regular basis, as a way to share awesome stuff that I’ve found and want to recommend.

Today’s TinyPodcast recommendation is Cory Doctorow’s new book, Makers. Cory is my favorite scifi author, and the release of a new book from him feels like Christmas. The remarkable thing about Cory is how and why he releases his books electronically for free under Creative Commons, and what that does for his sales and popularity. He always includes a great essay on the topic at the beginning of each ebook, so don’t skip that part when you download Makers from http://craphound.com/makers.

Let me know what you think of these little podcasts – I’d really like to keep doing them, and I think I’ve got a great flow down for putting them out. Thanks for listening! :-)

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Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-28

  • Just set up Google Voice to handle *all* of my voicemail on my iPhone. Been waiting for this day! :-) http://twitpic.com/n6bba #
  • I've used Google Voice (neé GrandCentral) as my main number for years. But now those direct calls that slip through will go to GVoice, too. #
  • Uh-oh. Conditional vmail forwarding to GVoice isn't working for me. Calls loop as new calls over and over instead of going to vmail. Ugh. #
  • Hmm. When I call from a number not on my GVoice account (a coworker's phone), I don't get the voicemail/looping problem. Guess that was it. #
  • @solomito You can listen to Google Voicemails on the phone, as attached MP3s, from the GVoice site, or, just read the transcription. :-) in reply to solomito #
  • @solomito It's super simple to switch back if you don't like GVoicemail. You just punch in a code on your phone. Piece of cake. in reply to solomito #
  • RT @ravenme: Posted a comment on the Legion of Tech fraud issue. I hope it answers some open questions. http://tinyurl.com/yjtqxoy #
  • Testing BTR Cinch. I want a daily micropodcasting tool. So many to choose from. #Cinch: http://bit.ly/11zxlD #
  • AudioBoo: Testing AudioBoo, comparing to Cinch, TweetMic, etc. http://boo.fm/b72735 #
  • Testing TweetMic, comparing to Cinch, AudioBoo, Posterous, etc. http://tmic.fm/owagfmk5k7q #
  • Testing Out iPhone Micropodcast Audio Workflows http://post.ly/AbVH #
  • Oh, that's nice. :-) When I email Posterous an m4a file (iPhone voice memo), it transcodes to MP3 for my RSS feed. I was worried about that. #

Testing Out iPhone Micropodcast Audio Workflows

You’ll have to listen to this one, but if you’re interested in using the iPhone to create and post short audio bits, and integrating them really well with your online workflow, then you and I share a common goal. Have a listen, and see what I’ve learned about Cinch, AudioBoo, TweetMic, and just plain recording a Voice Memo and emailing it to Posterous. And let me know what *you* use or recommend! :-)

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Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-27

  • Something's wrong with my brain this morning. It won't start. Tried rebooting. So sluggish. Can I blame the rain? #
  • What's the coolest/best in-car iPhone app for speed/acceleration stuff? I don't race, but want a cool data app for driving around. #
  • @Stammy Awesome – thanks! I was hoping you'd chime in on this one. :-) in reply to Stammy #
  • @ashokraj I've got Trapster. Now that I have a car mount, I'm building a page of apps for use in the car. Wondering what I'm missing. :-) in reply to ashokraj #
  • For example, I love to drive with Waze running. Pac Man points for being the first to cover a road, user gen alerts, etc. Stuff like that. #
  • Other apps on my "in the car" page: Google (voice search), Emer. Radio, Motion-X GPS Drive, NPR, Pandora, Traffic.com, Where To, Yelp, etc. #
  • @stumax I'm looking at aSmartHUD. The 3D + speedcams version looks pretty cool. Thanks! :-) in reply to stumax #
  • Is there a way to have Amazon update my Facebook stream when I add something to my Wish List? I do this on FriendFeed, and it rocks. #
  • RT @IgnitePortland: We keep our events free by getting sponsorships from generous companies. Want to help us out? http://bit.ly/1BMjJS #
  • @marusin I ended up with the Griffin TuneFlex AUX with SmartClick: http://j.mp/3Z0IKZ It was $50 on Amazon. in reply to marusin #
  • Just discovered that the reason my new work-issued Windows laptop only has an 80GB drive is that it's an Intel SSD. Woo! Speedy! :-) #
  • RT @legionoftech: In the Spirit of Openness: Some sad news from Legion of Tech. http://j.mp/11WfIj (disclosure: I'm on the LoT board) #
  • I'm reading all the tweets responding to the @LegionofTech news and I'm humbled and grateful by how supportive this community is. Thank you. #

Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-25


Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-24

  • Put an iPhone dock in my car – a Griffin TuneFlex Aux. Plugs into DC, provides a dock on a gooseneck. Remote straps to steering wheel. #
  • One thing puzzles me about the Griffin TuneFlex dock – phone call audio doesn't go through the car speakers. All other audio does. WTH? #
  • @wagnong Heh. I wanted to take pics of the whole setup, but my iPhone was in the dock, so I couldn't! I'll get some posted soon. :-) in reply to wagnong #
  • @wagnong I stopped carrying my Canon SD700 in my pocket once I got my iPhone. I'll borrow my wife's to pose in the dock and take pics. :-) in reply to wagnong #
  • @1tonyjones The Nook is very interesting compared to the Kindle. There's no clear winner, if you ask me. Lots of deciding factors. in reply to 1tonyjones #
  • Wow. Chrome for Mac is a *lot* faster than Firefox for me. And XMarks works, too. All I need is 1password, and I could switch 100%. #
  • http://bestc.am/avu It's-a-me! Mario! Er… My Club Nintendo Elite Platinum Spent-a-Lot-of-Money reward arrived! #