Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-01

  • RT @tweetie: A fantastic detailed look at Tweetie 2: http://bit.ly/3FTpSo (via @smokingapples) #
  • I feel a feed purge/unsubscribe session coming on today. Time to clean up a little. #
  • RT @KathySierra: Brain is a massive spam filter. YOU think, "I need to learn this". BRAIN thinks, "Just not feelin' it….must be spam" #
  • RT @mattcutts: Did you know you could do OCR with Google Docs? http://bit.ly/Ch593 Turn an image into a doc you can edit. Nice! #
  • I wish I could figure out how to make Google Docs do OCR of images uploaded via email. I want to email a pic from my iPhone for OCR! #
  • @timelliott I do use Evernote (and JotNot on the iPhone) for OCR, but it only indexes, and doesn't give editable text. Google Docs does. in reply to timelliott #
  • @aaroneiche Someone already built a form to upload/OCR to GDocs: http://bit.ly/dVgwe I wish I could pass "ocr=true" when emailing to GDocs. in reply to aaroneiche #
  • RT @Mona: Tweetie 2 Pricing Controversy – An Interview with Tweetie's Creator: http://bit.ly/KqMJp RT @JustiPhoneBlog #
  • Looks like groups are coming to Twitter, officially (I know that's not exactly what they're saying, but it would work): http://bit.ly/N3oV1 #
  • I hope that @Tweetie 2 will (eventually) support the new Twitter groups. I know @atebits isn't a fan of the "groups" concept, but still. 🙂 #
  • @jrnoded Right. They're "lists", not "groups" per se, but if they do it right, it would be easy to make it work like groups. We'll see. in reply to jrnoded #
  • @tweetie Yay! I've been doing it your way – different acct for "groups" I follow (read only). But centralized lists will be so nice! Thanks! in reply to tweetie #
  • I can has Google Wave? Yes I can! 🙂 #
  • Google Wave warns that Safari on the iPhone isn't supported but you can proceed, and it appears to work: http://twitpic.com/jstq9 #
  • Having my first real Google Wave, um, wave? Conversation? Mind meld? with @fredericl. iPhone version mostly works,… http://ff.im/91wTX #
  • Playing Around with Google Wave on the iPhone http://post.ly/6tRF #