Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-03

  • ZOMG the push notification sound for the updated BNO @BreakingNews iPhone app just scared the crap out of me. Sounded like a band sneezed. #
  • Quem quer ir comigo aos jogos Olymipcos em Rio em 2016? (Estou brincando – queria ir, mas nao tenho dinero sufficiente 🙂 #
  • Get ready to hear news personnel everywhere mangle and mispronounce Portuguese on an epic scale. 🙂 The carioca accent of Rio is tough! #
  • @morganpdx Yup. I lived in Brasil (Paraná, in the south, in and around Curitiba) for about two years. 🙂 in reply to morganpdx #
  • @morganpdx Com certeza! Até almoço! 🙂 in reply to morganpdx #
  • Wha? Mac OS X VNC/screensharing doesn't share the paste buffer? You can't copy/paste without "get/send buffer"? Lame. #
  • Another iPhone augmented reality app is out – Cyclopedia (see Wikipedia info). Downloading now. Also, I heard Layar was submitted. Whee! 🙂 #
  • Cyclopedia's good so far. Lots of results (I need to adjust the filters). Smooth. Love the UI: http://twitpic.com/jzb7h #
  • I saw a tweet mentioning an XKCD iPhone app. So I searched the store, and there are no fewer than *seven* of them. So, which is the best? #
  • @hatsharpener Awesome idea. I'd *love* some kind of head/glasses mounted display accessory that could talk to my iPhone. Make it so! 🙂 in reply to hatsharpener #