Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-16

  • Oops. Overslept. @rachelbancroft and the kids are at grandma's. The chickens woke me up 10 minutes before my first meeting of the day. :-O #
  • My @emmabancroft is 6 years old. I can only imagine what the parents of the boy in the balloon are going through. Hope this ends well… πŸ™ #
  • People are gathering around the TV in the common area, transfixed by the boy in the balloon. No one here can concentrate. πŸ™ #
  • Watched the balloon land (quite gently) on CNN. But there doesn't appear to be anyone inside… πŸ™ #
  • Here's hoping he got terrified because he let dad's balloon loose, and is hiding somewhere in the neighborhood, afraid of being in trouble. #
  • You can listen to the Colorado State Patrol radio traffic here: http://bit.ly/4EWB1x #
  • Here's #balloonboy's dad's website: http://www.thepsyiencedetectives.com/ – "Investigating the Mysteries of Science and Psychic Phenomenon" #
  • The dad's site sells "episodes" of the "Psyience Detectives" show. And they were on ABC's "Wife Swap" a couple weeks ago. Something smells. #
  • Remember the helium balloon episode of MythBusters? Was that balloon even big enough to lift a 6yo? @donttrythis? @grantimahara? Anyone? #
  • @TheSquare Yes, here's the Mythbuster's ep with the helium raft: http://bit.ly/1ne5m5 I think there's no way that balloon could lift a 6yo. in reply to TheSquare #
  • It takes 16 cubic feet of helium to lift 1lb. With generous math guessing 300 cubic feet in the balloon, it could lift 18lbs. Not a 6yo boy. #
  • My math was wrong. Guessing 1500 cubic feet for the balloon, it could lift 93lbs. Balloon + kid could weigh less than 93lbs. Sorry #mathfail #
  • Anyone got dimensions (and math skills to calculate the volume of an epsilloid) to calculate the volume of the balloon? #
  • I apologize for my skepticsm regarding the boy in the balloon. As the father of a 6yo, I hope like heck they find him OK. #cantturnmynerdoff #
  • Balloon boy found safe at home. Childhood mistake? Hoax? Publicity stunt? Guess we'll find out. Glad he's OK.N #
  • Great @IgnitePortland talk selection meeting tonight. I think we know what the talks are going to be! We'll announce on Monday. Suspense! #
  • @brianjesse @podcasthotel @nozzlsteve What are these amazing exploits you speak of? Do tell… πŸ˜‰ in reply to brianjesse #
  • @nozzlsteve @brianjesse @podcasthotel That's just my standard loadout. Everyone carries that much gear, right? Right? πŸ˜‰ in reply to nozzlsteve #
  • @rachelbancroft Yay! So glad you had a happy birthday! Enjoy the rest of the weekend at Grandma's! πŸ™‚ in reply to rachelbancroft #
  • Is it to early to whine about not being included in the Twitter lists beta yet? 'Cause I wasn't. #pout #geekentitlement #