Josh’s Lifelog for 2009-10-24

  • Put an iPhone dock in my car – a Griffin TuneFlex Aux. Plugs into DC, provides a dock on a gooseneck. Remote straps to steering wheel. #
  • One thing puzzles me about the Griffin TuneFlex dock – phone call audio doesn't go through the car speakers. All other audio does. WTH? #
  • @wagnong Heh. I wanted to take pics of the whole setup, but my iPhone was in the dock, so I couldn't! I'll get some posted soon. 🙂 in reply to wagnong #
  • @wagnong I stopped carrying my Canon SD700 in my pocket once I got my iPhone. I'll borrow my wife's to pose in the dock and take pics. 🙂 in reply to wagnong #
  • @1tonyjones The Nook is very interesting compared to the Kindle. There's no clear winner, if you ask me. Lots of deciding factors. in reply to 1tonyjones #
  • Wow. Chrome for Mac is a *lot* faster than Firefox for me. And XMarks works, too. All I need is 1password, and I could switch 100%. #
  • http://bestc.am/avu It's-a-me! Mario! Er… My Club Nintendo Elite Platinum Spent-a-Lot-of-Money reward arrived! #