Get Your Last Minute Apple Tablet Predictions In Now

Update: I’ve scored my predictions below against reality, striking out ones I missed. Not to brag, but the only major items I missed were the keyboard dock (I didn’t think it would have one) and the name. Not too shabby! 🙂

The hype is almost overwhelming now. Even for me. You’ve read up on what all the big thinkers have to say about an Apple Tablet device. If you’re like me, you’ve had endless conversations with friends and acquaintances about which rumors you think are true, and which ones aren’t.

You might as well formalize your predictions. I found this awesome PDF Prediction Score Card that David Weiss made, which you can print out, mark whether you think all the predictions are Correct or Incorrect, and then grade yourself after the announcement.

But printing stuff out on dead trees? Ugh. Isn’t there an app for that? Turns out there is. Weiss’ iPhone app Prediction just hit the App Store ($2.99, but worth it IMO) lets you make your own call on predictions for not only Apple’s event, but other upcoming tech stuff like MWC and Google I/O (all stuff I happen to be interested in). The interface is great, and auto-grading after an event takes place is much better than checking your own work on a paper list.

Prediction iPhone App

This time tomorrow, we’ll all know what the deal is. Time for the last few breathless hours of speculation.

This is almost bigger than Christmas for me. My nerves can hardly take it. 🙂

For the record, here are my predictions (emailed/exported from the Prediction app). I’ll grade them after the event.

(stricken text means I got my prediction wrong):

Apple Tablet Supports Flash: Wrong

Tablet Has Textbook Content: Partially Correct

Tablet Dev API Based on Cocoa Touch: Correct

Tablet Size Between 10 and 11 Inches: Partially Correct

Tablet Plays Video Content: Correct

Tablet Has Docking Mechanism: Partially Correct

Indie Content for Tablet: Correct

Tablet Book, Newspaper and Magazine Content: Correct

Tablet Runs Existing iPhone Apps: Correct

Apple Tablet SDK Announced: Correct

Tablet Has Cell Phone Internet Capability: Correct

Apple Tablet Announced: Correct

Tablet Plays Music Content: Correct

Tablet OS Is a New OS: Correct

Tablet Has TV Content: Partially Correct

Tablet Has a Tactile Keyboard: Wrong

Tablet Apps Only from the App Store: Correct

Apple Tablet Has Hardware Keyboard Option: Wrong (it does, in fact, have a hardware keyboard dock, as well as Bluetooth keyboard support)

Tablet Has Built-In Camera: Correct

Tablet Ships in March 2010: Correct

Tablet named iPad: Wrong

Tablet Priced Around $1000: Partially Correct

Tablet named iBook: Wrong

Tablet named Apple iTablet: Wrong

iPhone OS 4.0 Announced: Correct (it was version 3.2, not 4.0)

T-Mobile Support for iPhone or Tablet: Wrong

Verizon Support for iPhone or Tablet: Wrong

New iLife and iWork Suites Released: Correct (only new iWork for iPad)

Bing on the iPhone: Wrong

Tablet named Apple tablet: Wrong

Paint App on Tablet: Partially Correct (the Brushes demo was awesome, but it’s 3rd party)

Tablet named Canvas: Correct (missed this one!)

Tablet named iSlate: Wrong

AT&T Exclusive Contract for iPhone Ends: Wrong

Tablet named iGuide: Wrong

Touch Screen Macs: Wrong

Apple Announces an iTunes Web App: Wrong


One thought on “Get Your Last Minute Apple Tablet Predictions In Now

  1. Jerry says:

    2 things.

    1. It does have a hardware keyboard solution with the dock as well as the bluetooth capability. Other then that your predictions list looked right to me.:)

    2. I missed the announced iPhone 4.0. Any light you can shed on this?

    I am excited by the *shudder at the name* iPad, even if my general wariness of the fact it doesn’t do what I was hoping it would seemed to sour me on it. I just wish the OS integrated more with current Macbooks and Mac Pros to the extent that I could port some of the software that I’d like to use in a mobile setting over to it. Being able to work in things like Final Draft, Frame Forge, or Photoshop without lugging around a laptop would make me happy.

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