Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-01-05

  • Watching various sources for the Google Nexus One event: @scobleizer/tech-news-people, Ars, Engadget, Gizmodo, and Boy Genius. #
  • The multicolor flashing trackball (for notifications) on the Nexus One is bringing up flashbacks of the Danger Sidekick's colorful wheel. #
  • My Thoughts on the Fabled Apple "iSlate" Tablet http://post.ly/HJdj #
  • Nice! @bre and the @makerbot are on the cover of the upcoming Make Magazine volume 21 (just got my notice for the digital edition). #
  • Cinch http://j.mp/7j1XzC See also: "Tile Windows Vertically", available since Windows 3.1. 😉 #
  • Playing around with formspring.me – I love it when people ask me questions! http://formspring.me/jabancroft #
  • @rizzn Intel is going to live stream some stuff (Paul O,'s keynote, etc.). More info at http://facebook.com/intel #ces in reply to rizzn #
  • @matthewsmccoy Yeah, the formspring.me site has been really flaky for me, too. in reply to matthewsmccoy #
  • Parrot's AR.Drone helicopter brings military-style amusement to the iPhone http://j.mp/6GPoCc WANT. #
  • They're fiddling around with the UI for Google Reader Mobile (on iPhone) I see… #