Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-01-14

  • Why yes, I did just make Death Metal Rooster my iPhone ringtone. Why do you ask? 😉 #
  • Perplexus http://j.mp/5fktzw I got one of these for Christmas, and love it. Make Magazine recently wrote about its creator. #
  • The Perplexus (3D sphere maze puzzle), which I got for Christmas and *love*, is now at Amazon. Get one!! http://bit.ly/6LBU7j #
  • @ravenme Yay Netflix! Watch Instantly = awesome. Use a PS3 or Wii to stream, or buy a Boxee box. And get the InstantWatcher iPhone app. in reply to ravenme #
  • @betsywhim @grigs @ravenme I'd hold out for a Boxee Box. Or build one. The new beta release is amazing. Does SO much more than Netflix! in reply to betsywhim #
  • @grigs @betsywhim @ravenme No worries. I didn't know Tivos could do Netflix Instant Streaming. Cool. 🙂 in reply to grigs #