Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-01-15

  • @chartier Layar themselves pulled it temporarily from the App Store to work out some stability issues. I still have it installed, works OK. in reply to chartier #
  • The Perplexus – Awesome Brain Toy http://post.ly/IfGi #
  • Emma vs the Perplexus http://post.ly/IfMK #
  • RT @drjonboyg: The Boxee Box is making me reconsider plans to pick up a mac mini for HTPC duties. (me too!) #
  • Emma vs the Perplexus http://post.ly/IfPt #
  • @lyzadanger Not wrong to want a Perplexus. It's right. Every geek workplace should have at least one. 🙂 in reply to lyzadanger #
  • @blogan Yes, I'll bring it into the office as soon as the family loses interest in it. They'd kill me if I tried to remove it now. 😉 in reply to blogan #
  • Wow. The quality on that Perplexus video I made is horrible. Sorry about that. Been recrunched too many times. Will fix. #
  • I just became the mayor of Intel Jones Farm 5 Cafe on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/7ZjQUX #
  • Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do) http://j.mp/6TcG6B I want to do these with my kids! #
  • RT @IgnitePortland: Want to talk onstage at #IP8? Odds are in your favor – only 13 submissions so far! Get yours in at http://j.mp/ip8talks #
  • @PaRaJiTo Ignite Portland is a rapid fire "share cool ideas" event we've been putting on for a couple of years. More at igniteportland.com in reply to PaRaJiTo #