My Thoughts on the Fabled Apple “iSlate” Tablet

I’m trying to avoid writing about rumors and hype these days. There is plenty of that to go around, and I don’t need to tell you where to find it. I don’t have any facts, only opinions, and there’s really one main idea that I want to share here, sprinkled among the following posts. Go read them now, or save them for later when your brain can chew on them. There’s a lot to think about. They’re all interrelated, so read them in order, and form your own conclusions. 🙂

These posts represent the best thinking I’ve read recently about how an Apple tablet device could potentially change personal computing. Besides the baseline gadget lust that such a device certainly inspires, there’s a bigger potential here. Because of the way the iPhone has changed my computing life (and computing *IS* my life), the idea of a big leap in the model of how we use computers is appealing and exciting to me. And if anyone can do it, Apple can.

Bring it on, Steve. Pretty please? 🙂

Update: A great article from Andy Ihnatko along the same lines. Long and worth the read.


3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Fabled Apple “iSlate” Tablet

  1. I think the price is going to keep it out of most people’s hands. Sure, many Apple Fan Boys will buy it. But to really change the way we compute it will have to go far beyond the typical Apple customer.

    I think even $500 is too much for a tablet…but the rumored $999 from Apple? No way!

  2. The price rumors are all over the map, so I really don’t give any of them much credence. The device is going to be expensive, sure, but if they’re positioning it as a computer, an alternative to a MacBook (that already starts at $1000), then charging more than a few hundred dollars for it is reasonable IMO.

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