Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-02-10

  • So, I've signed up to use google.com/buzz in my Gmail, but how do I actually *use* it? I don't see any UI. #
  • At least the iPhone version of buzz.google.com works: http://twitpic.com/129fpf #
  • Played with Buzz a bit on my iPhone since it's not in my Gmail yet. Can't wait to hook up my tweets and other streams, then forget about it. #
  • @rigeek try http://buzz.google.com on the iPhone. I got a "not found" at first, reloaded, and it worked. in reply to rigeek #
  • Shoes by Native http://j.mp/9iy1fb A cross between Crocs and Converse? In Orange and White? I MUST HAVE THESE SHOES. #
  • RT @rogoway: Trouble w/Portland streets, signs, parking, potholes, streetlights, or graffiti? There's an app for that: http://bit.ly/bvey30 #
  • Google Buzz integrations with Maps 4.0 on Android on the Nexus One is *WAY* cool. You see all these little thought bubbles on the map. Nice. #
  • My Take On Google Buzz http://post.ly/N3fw #
  • @davest You should get an alert when an Android app has an update. Or go into Market, Downloads and check there. in reply to davest #
  • Looking at "Nearby" in Google Buzz, there are a *LOT* of early adopter geeks in my neighborhood. Wow. #
  • Google Buzz: The Mainstream's Geo-Social Network? http://j.mp/bU5Qo9 I'm screenshot famous! Thanks, Frederic! 🙂 #
  • Raimbow balloons! Google's making it easy to post to Buzz from their mobile web stuff, like Calendar and Reader: http://twitpic.com/12bu84 #
  • A terrific post by @Marco on feature checklist comparisons, and how they can go wrong: Feature checklist dysfunction – http://j.mp/b0doyS #
  • I didn't intend to rebuild my whole home network from scratch tonight, but that's what happened. I think my new Airport Express is flaky. 🙁 #