My Take On Google Buzz

I can’t predict the future (very well), and I’m not Google, so I can’t say whether Buzz is their answer to XYZ, but it does tie together some interesting pipes, and to me, that’s where its value lies.

Will I start posting status updates to Buzz instead of Twitter? No. Because I can post once to Twitter, and all my friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Friendfeed will see it (plus, it gets archived in half a dozen other places). I want Buzz to tie into that (which, according to the tin, it will).

Will Buzz replace Twitter or Facebook for reading my friends’ updates? Maybe. We’ll have to see. But “Josh’s Theory of Internet Plumbing” and “Josh’s Theory of Social Gravity” are in full effect here. Use the best tools and pipes for the job, and go where your friends are.


One thought on “My Take On Google Buzz

  1. zOMG says:

    Buzz is a big GO! for everyone… I have stopped using tweeter long time ago – facebook is active for only one reason… I NEED TO PORT ALL MY FRIENDS INTO BUZZ LOL

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