Tell Your iPhone To Make You A Sandwich With Siri

Siri Assistant is a new iPhone app/service that has a lot of people talking. I first heard Scoble get all excited about it a couple of weeks ago, and Adam Duvander was telling me about it last night. By the time I got home from the Ignite Portland 8 talk selection meeting last night, it was in the App Store, so I’ve been playing with it. It’s definitely worth grabbing (it’s free), and time will tell if it becomes truly useful, or just a very novel idea.

Siri combines a couple of cool features – speech to text by Nuance, the folks who power the awesome Dragon Dictation iPhone app – and a bunch of search and service APIs, like OpenTable. The result is an app you can tell things like “book me a table for two at an italian restaurant in Portland tomorrow night” and it will come back with a selection of restaurants and times that are available. Simply tap on the time, and your table is booked.

You can also look up movie times (“Where is Avatar playing tonight?“), call a taxi, ask for the weather in any city, or find out more about people (“Who is Josh Bancroft?“). The potential for some really cool/clever easter eggs is there, though I haven’t found any yet. This may just be wishful thinking.

Alas, there is one command that I’ve always wanted my iPhone to obey, and even the very cool Siri app falls short here: