Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-03-02

  • @shawnblanc sums up my feelings on iPhone feed reader apps almost perfectly: http://bit.ly/dkclto (and uses the same home screen apps I do) #
  • To my developer followers: Intel announces the Million Dollar Development Fund for the Intel Atom Developer Program: http://bit.ly/mdfsmr #
  • I need a new wallet (for my pocket). My cards keep getting bent/broken. Prefer bi-fold. Needs to be tough. Recommendations? #
  • @JBern I'd do a duct tape wallet, but I need something that will keep my cards from getting bent. A hard case wallet? Do they exist? in reply to JBern #
  • To clarify, I keep my wallet in my back right pocket. My not-insignificant butt keeps bending my cards. Exploring options. 🙂 #
  • The Flipside 2 hard wallet looks awesome, but spendy at $40: http://www.flipsidewallet.com/ I think I'll get a Jimi: http://bit.ly/a66GNL #
  • RT @chippy: If any of you devs are looking seriously at the Intel Atom program and the $1M fund, i'd love to ask you a few questions. #