Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-03-26

  • Everyblock (hyperlocal news) is finally available in Portland! http://portland.everyblock.com/ Now to re-download their iPhone app. #
  • @verso A ha! More We Rule victims. I need to hire someone from a neighboring kingdom, and @ravenme's too popular. Adding you now. 🙂 in reply to verso #
  • The excitement that Everyblock now covers Portland for hyperlocal news is tempered by the fact it doesn't cover the suburbs where I live. #
  • Also cool: I see @SiliconFlorist and @OurPDX listed as sources for Everyblock's new Portland coverage: http://bit.ly/cBaKRL #
  • @verso I consider myself and adopted resident of Portland. I'm a brother from another mother. 🙂 in reply to verso #