Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-04-01

  • Another day chock full of face time with the awesome Intel Software Network team. And my ears feel normal. Yay! πŸ™‚ #
  • The @IntelSoftware team is going to be at the Santana's Maria Maria restaurant in Tempe tonight. In the area? Come say hi! πŸ™‚ #
  • Directions to the informal @IntelSoftware meetup at Maria Maria tonight: http://j.mp/MariaTempe Come hang out! πŸ™‚ #
  • @IntelSoftware team dinner and impromptu meetup! πŸ™‚ (@ Maria Maria) http://4sq.com/8NNskH #
  • @jschultz Sorry, man. It was sort of a last minute impromptu idea. We'll plan better next time and give more warning! πŸ™‚ in reply to jschultz #
  • I spoke too soon re: my ears. Plugged up again, think it's infected. Flight in the AM is going to be fun. Thanks to Sarah for the EarPlanes. #
  • I just became the mayor of Courtyard Marriott on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/dtqUYq #
  • @jmoriarty no worries – sounds like #IgnitePHX was a big success. I fly home in the AM – whirlwind trip. Will def. catch up w/you next time. in reply to jmoriarty #
  • Whoa. WolframAlpha iPhone app now $1.99. Refund if you bought at $50 (or $20). No brainer at this price (I paid $20). http://j.mp/9qlSQW #
  • Queued up all the iPad reviews in Instapaper to read on the flight tomorrow: Ihnatko, Xeni, Pogue, Mossberg, Baig. Now: sleepy time. #