Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-04-15

  • Is there an iPad app for the Boston Globe's Big Picture yet? The site doesn't show the photos, and the iPhone app is pixel doubled. #
  • @ahockley Yes, the Guardian Eyewitness iPad app is gorgeous. It's what made me wish for The Big Picture on iPad. in reply to ahockley #
  • Love that GoodReader on iPad now registers what file types it can handle. Now I can download ePub books straight from Feedbooks.com, etc. #
  • The fact that the iBooks app doesn't register "I can handle ePub files" seems like an omission, now. I'd much rather ePub files go there. #
  • And of course, it would be awesome if the Kindle iPad app registered what kinds of files it can handle. Heck, every app should do this. #
  • @geekygirldawn I loved Henry's Hunan last time I was in SF. Give it a try, for sure. Osha Thai was nowhere near as good as eSan, though. πŸ˜‰ in reply to geekygirldawn #
  • Successfully applied Mac OS X 10.6.3 from the 1.1 Combo updater. The first time, 10.6.3 from Software Update nuked my machine. Yay! #
  • Apple Store in Portland has the iPad keyboard dock in stock. /via @ravenme (I have one, don't like it. Big, awkward, can't use w/case. πŸ™ ) #
  • @ravenme While the Apple iPad case has its issues, I deem it essential. I'm baffled that the Apple docks don't work with it. in reply to ravenme #
  • @shadowbottle Yeah, I'm a Combo Updater kind of guy now (tip o' the hat to @macfixer for showing me the light). πŸ™‚ in reply to shadowbottle #
  • @LeStew The Bluetooth keyboard works beautifully with the iPad. I highly recommend it. The hardware keyboard dock, not so much. in reply to LeStew #
  • @jezlyn Ooh! I have one of those (BT Stowaway folding keyboard). I should try it out, throw it in my iPad bag. in reply to jezlyn #
  • Ha ha! πŸ™‚ /Nelson RT @camikaos: Daughter wearing crocs. If you know me at all you know I'm dying a little inside. http://yfrog.com/1frowxj #
  • @jezlyn It should work – the iPad supports standard Bluetooth keyboards. Haven't heard of any compatibility problems. in reply to jezlyn #
  • "The Elements: A Visual Exploration" on iPad is amazingly cool. Not amazingly cool: having to redownload all 1.75GB for minor updates. πŸ™ #