Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-04-16

  • Been meaning to check out Glee on TV. Now I hear there's an iPad/iPhone app? By Smule? And @joeljohnson likes it? Sold! http://bit.ly/bSry3d #
  • @dlkinney 1. Get GoodReader 2. iTunes, sync your iPad, look at the bottom of the Apps tab. 3. Add PDFs to be copied there. in reply to dlkinney #
  • @dlkinney Yeah, file transfer/syncing on the iPad is kind of a disaster: http://bit.ly/aaEUKk in reply to dlkinney #
  • I know a lot of my followers are awesome developers. My group at work is featuring Legendary devs: http://bit.ly/DevLegends #
  • There's so much fun/cool stuff I'm "behind" on. Books. Apps. Games. Movies. I feel spoiled, and kind of guilty for wishing I had more time. #
  • I tried my Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth folding keyboard with my iPad today. Worked like a charm. Pics/post coming soon. #
  • RT @r: @steverubel You missed the memo: "Resonance marketing" is a "Social media marketing"-killer. Like when social media killed Web 2.0 #