Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-04-24

  • I just ousted @jexball as the mayor of Intel – Jones Farm on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/8chn4v #
  • Drinking hot chocolate this morning, instead of Mt Dew (I'm not a coffee/tea drinker). Kind of nice having something warm. #
  • Now I remember why I don't drink hot chocolate that often. Hate the furry tongue feeling. 😛 #
  • Let's play We Rule on the iPhone! My gamername is 'jabancroft'. http://bit.ly/d4seUk #
  • So, what's the best iPad crossword app out there? I really enjoyed 2Across on iPhone, and how it could grab puzzles from many locations. #
  • RT @pocketables: The thing I do least on all smartphones is talk on the phone. #
  • Unexpected and awesome: iPad Camera USB connector seems to support USB Audio http://dlvr.it/bw9z #
  • Imagine this: iPad + USB Camera Kit dongle + Dock + USB Hub + USB card reader + USB audio device. Ooh, possibilities. #
  • @DrPizza I wouldn't carry it all around. But as a desk docking setup, it would be surprisingly capable. in reply to DrPizza #
  • New version of the Amazon.com iPhone app is a Universal binary, including a new iPad version. Downloading! #
  • And a new version of Angry Birds is out, with more levels and a new bird. Yay! #
  • The Amazon Mobile iPad app is really good. Just used it to buy the "Up" 4 disc Blu-ray combo pack. #
  • I just ousted @lrgc as the mayor of Powell's Books on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/8T9WrO #
  • Family fun night! 🙂 (@ Powell's Books) http://4sq.com/8T9WrO #