Josh’s Lifelog for 2010-05-28

  • iPad app recommendation of the day: Barnes & Noble eReader app for iPad is out, and it's really good. A million books, half free, available. #
  • @bump I think Kindle, iBooks, and B&N have their own strengths on iPad at this point. Eventually, one will probably win. Not for a while. in reply to bump #
  • You have to watch this. So good. 🙂 IRON BABY http://youtu.be/SyoA4LXQco4 #
  • @Doctorow Apple now accepts books from individuals for sale in iBooks. Terms don't look too onerous. Thoughts? http://bit.ly/cqbwQA #
  • @doctorow I have those same ?s. Have to submit a sample book to go further than I have, but so far, no mention of DRM or EULAs. It is ePub. in reply to doctorow #
  • Plastic Bullet for iPhone Makes Cool Photos. Fun, simple, and worth the $2. http://flic.kr/p/85wbqF #
  • I keep getting "Your account recovery code is…" texts from Google. Whoever's trying to hack my account, knock it off! #