Plastic Bullet for iPhone Makes Cool Photos

Plastic Bullet is a cool iPhone app like Hipstamatic and all the rest that lets you apply a cool, retro “toy” camera effect to your photos. But it doesn’t waste screen real estate imitating the back of a plastic camera – it shows you four effects at once, and you can refresh to see four more (seemingly random) effects until you find one you love, then save it. Simple, fun, and addicting. Worth the $2 bucks.


One thought on “Plastic Bullet for iPhone Makes Cool Photos

  1. Downloaded the app because of your recommendation. Pretty cool. However, in defense of Hipstamatic (and other similar apps), the effects available on those apps are selectable, so you can choose a look that goes well with a certain subject. With Plastic Bullet you can’t be sure what effects will be applied, so it’s a bit more random, which is fine in some situations, but not all. Either way, it’ll be another iPhoneography tool to add to my arsenal. 🙂

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