Reeder for iPad – It’s Exquisite

I am a long time feed addict, and I have I tried all the feed readers for iPhone. I always went back to the web version of Google Reader. Too slow, too clunky. Until I met Reeder.

Once I got addicted on iPhone, I couldn’t wait for the iPad version. I followed Silvio’s tweets (@reederapp) like a stalker. I searched in the App Store several times a day. I have a saved Twitter search that let me commiserate with everyone else anxiously awaiting Reeder for iPad. Finally, this afternoon, we got word it was approved.

It was worth the wait.

The speed in syncing with Google Reader is perhaps the best feature. I have hundreds of subscriptions arranged and ordered in folders, and it’s super smooth. All my ordering is respected.

All the great sharing options are there – Instapaper, Pinboard, Twitter, Delicious. Mail the full article (I use this one a lot). Share with a Note on Google Reader. It even let’s you choose between the Instapaper or Google “mobilizer” engines.

My favorite feature is the ability to skim through feed items and see the first few lines of the body text. This lets me quickly decide what to read, and skip the rest. I can go through feeds faster this way than even in Google Reader on the desktop. In fact, I wish Google Reader had this feature.

The interface abounds with elegant little features that you’ll be discovering for days. Ways to touch, slide, and pinch/spread that you wouldn’t immediately think of, but that make perfect sense. So good.

Thanks and congrats to Silvio Rizzi, the lone developer of the best way to read feeds on the iPhone and iPad. I have no idea how Silvio or anyone else is going to top Reeder.