Updated to WordPress 3.2

I updated this site to WordPress 3.2, a new major release. I’m still kicking the tires, but so far, I like what I see. The Admin interface has been redesigned, and there’s a new default theme, TwentyEleven, which I’m using (actually, I made a child theme so I can inject some CSS tweaks to make my Like/Tweet buttons behave).

I had to update my MySQL database on my web host (mediatemple) to MySQL 5, which I hope didn’t break anything on the other sites I host. Let me know if you notice any weirdness, or have any other problems.


One thought on “Updated to WordPress 3.2

  1. Thanks for this post, Josh. I have been working with a food plan for a few months focusing on protein and with the addition of legumes, I love not getting hungry for hours at a time. (Chronic snacker talking). I feel drastically better. Keep going!

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