(months pass)

I’m sitting at a Panera, with my shiny new 11″ MacBook Air, waiting for a meeting. I’m caught up on my feeds, [Reddit](, email, and other distractions, and since I’ve done pretty much all the fidgeting I can on this new machine (which I’ve lusted after for so long at The Perfect Writing Machine(TM)), I figured I should actually, you know, do some writing.

Notably, there is not much [Clackity Noise]( from the keyboard. But I love it. It feels great. Same layout as previous MacBooks and the Apple Wireless keyboard that I’ve used and loved for years, so no need to relearn muscle memory. One thing that bothered me about previous MacBooks was the thick front ledge, machined to a nice, sharp aluminum blade, and positioned perfectly to cut into the underside of my wrists while I was writing. It never bothered me that much until I notice its absence on this Air. The front edge is so thin, and close to the table, that I don’t feel it at all. Very nice.

I’m using Yet Another Text Editor, too, but I hope to stay with this one for the long haul. I finally broke down and bought [BBEdit 10]( I’d been on the fence while all the supernerds debated BBEdit vs TextMate, and honestly, I was leaning towards TextMate. I would have taken the plunge already if there weren’t such a stench of death and abandonment hanging around it. But BBEdit was $100, and that was a lot of dough to drop on the electronic equivalent of Yet Another Notebook, ostensibly for me to write in, but more likely to be hoarded, empty, and admired on its own. But then BBEdit 10 came out. Besides some nice updates (I’d never really used it before, so I’ll take the nerds’ word for it), like improved [Markdown]( support, it also got a price drop to $39.99, and appeared on the Mac App Store. I hemmed and hawed for a few weeks, trying the trial version, feeling overwhelmed initially at the interface, but really liking what I saw on the whole. The weight of all that was finally more than the desire to keep $40 in my checking account, so I bought it. I still don’t have it all set up the way, or at least, I don’t think I do. I’ve learned how to turn off the things that annoy me (autocomplete all the freaking time? No, thank you). And [Brett Terpstra’s Marked]( really does make a nice companion app for it.

For all that, though, until a few minutes ago when I sat down to write this, I was still dorking around with the tools, and not actually, you know, writing anything. But now I am. I feels good. The tools feel good. This MacBook Air is quite possibly the nicest computer I’ve ever used. It’s certainly the lightest. Maybe the fastest. I was worried that the eleven inch 1366×768 pixel screen would be too small, but it’s perfect. I love this thing.

Now, to see if I can make myself get out of Tool Dork mode, and actually use it to create something on a regular basis. Clackity clackity clack clack.