iPhone 5 LEGO Dock v2: Headphone Compatibility


I modified the iPhone 5 dock/stand I made out of LEGO to accommodate the headphone cable (which is now located at the bottom of the phone, and is probably the number one reason that Apple has said the won’t be making a dock for the iPhone 5. Now I can listen to podcasts and music at my desk while using the stand.


I also added some cosmetic enhancements, because let’s be honest – half the fun of doing this is tinkering and trying to make it look cool.

I still haven’t integrated a Lightning cable of charging/sync, partly because I still only have two cables, and don’t want to dedicate one to living on my desk, but also because kind of like see what kind of battery life I get when I go all day without charging. So far, it’s great. I rarely dip below the 20% mark before I go to bed. There’s space for it in the design, though, and I’ll add it eventually, once I have a spare cable laying around.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 LEGO Dock v2: Headphone Compatibility

  1. I’m guessing the moved headphone jack was due to internal space considerations, but it still seems so weird to try to hold the phone with a cable out the bottom, plus I’m retraining myself to put my phone into my pocket upside down…

    • Me too. I was listening to the iPhone 5 episode of The Talk Show with John Gruber and MG Siegler, and they were discussing this. Turns out that John (and apparently, a lot of other people) has always carried the iPhone “upside down” (that is, the end with the dock connector is at the top of the pocket). Said it feels more natural to put it in and take it out. With the old headphone jack location, this was problematic, so he’s relieved they made this change.

      Carrying it that way seemed weird to me – I’ve always carried “dock connector down”. So I’ve been trying it, and it takes some getting used to. The jury’s out as to whether it’s any easier to pocket or draw, but then, I’m working against 5 years of muscle memory here. 🙂

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