Xbox One Announcement: I Didn’t Expect To Be Interested

Microsoft unveiled the next generation Xbox today: [Xbox One]( Wired has a great [“first look”]( – I highly recommend you read it.

The guts: a custom AMD SoC that combines CPU and GPU (assume it’s x86, like the PS4, but they don’t say one way or the other in this article). 8GB of RAM. 500GB hard drive. USB 3.0. Blu-Ray drive.

Next-gen Kinect can do some pretty amazing things, including monitor your heart rate.

The thing that has me most excited: integrates with your home theater set up with an IR blaster and pass through HDMI, so you can walk into the room, say “Xbox, watch TV”, and everything turns on. The ability to search for channels or shows (by voice or text), and “snap in” live content side by side with a game or something else seems really, really powerful.

They didn’t talk much at all about the gaming aspect of the new box (they’re saving that for E3, just like Sony and the PS4).

I don’t have an Xbox 360 (I’m a PS3 guy), and I wasn’t really interested in the new Xbox until today. But I can see this taking over as the center of my family’s entertainment experience (which consists mostly of Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube on our Apple TV). I was watching that blurry PS4 teaser video last night, and Rachel asked me if I was going to get one. I told her it depends on what the game lineup looks like. The main PS4 game I’m interested in is Driveclub. I must be getting old, because the big shooty shooty games like CoD just don’t appeal to me anymore. Now I’ll have to compare the game lineups, but I’m leaning towards the Xbox One now. The PS4 will have to have a pretty spectacular games lineup to tip the scales for me.

I didn’t expect to be very interested in the new Xbox, but now I’m intrigued. E3 can’t come soon enough.


3 thoughts on “Xbox One Announcement: I Didn’t Expect To Be Interested

  1. I’m interested, but I was very disappointed to learn a couple weeks ago that the Xbox requires a paid subscription to access other services (like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube), it turned me off to the whole thing. If Microsoft continues this policy the chances of me getting one of these goes infinitely down.

    • Yeah, their habit of charging people for Xbox Live kind of sucks. I didn’t hear anything about whether Xbox Live will still be a paid service in the annoucement today, and as much as they’re touting the online services and integration with “apps” like Netflix, Skype, etc., and given the fact that their main rival’s online service (PSN) has always been free, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them announce that Xbox Live will be free (at least, at some level).

      I’m sure we’ll learn more at E3. Fingers are crossed.

  2. BlueDrache says:

    PS4. Period. End of sentence. Microsoft and their “You must be connected” nonsense to play the game you paid for can go stuff themselves.

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