iStat for iPhone, Remotely Monitor Macs, Too

iStat is a popular app/Dashboard widget for Mac OS X users that shows you things like how much your CPU cores are being utilized, how much memory you have free, network traffic, etc. Now, Bjango brings us an iPhone version that shows you similar things on your phone:


Nifty, but not incredibly useful. Although it is a handy way to find out things like your cellular AND wifi IP addresses, MAC addresses, and other stuff that’s hard to dig out of the iPhone OS itself.

iStat for iPhone also has nicely done Ping and Traceroute features, but what really makes it stand out, in my opinion, is the ability to remotely monitor a Mac computer. There’s a little free server app you have to install and run on the machine to be monitored, but after that, you can add it to iStat on your iPhone and monitor it remotely (even over the internet, if you set up port forwarding on your router).

So if you’re the kind of nerd that cares how much physical memory you have free at any given time, and what your CPU core utilization rate is (obviously, I am this type of nerd), you’ll probably get a kick out of iStat for the iPhone. It’s on sale for $1.99 in the App Store (normally $2.99). If you’re a Macminicolo user, they’ve got a special deal for you.